Wild Tales from Cerro Chimpo


Cerro Chimpo is one of the most exciting places to visit in Costa Rica and is filled with a distinct type of ecosystem that is strictly meant for this region. This is a great inland in this part of the world and has a number of visitors coming here just to enjoy the simple delights of a wilder land. So if you want to enjoy Costa Rica at its best then this is the best place to be in. With at least ten thousand acres of virgin greenery here, Costa Rica sure is a treat for the wildlife lovers and gives the best of travel delights in this part of the world.

Cerro Chimpo In Costa Rica

Cerro Chimpo In Costa Rica

Cerro Chimpo has the unique distinction of showing seven kinds of ecosystem which allows you to enjoy the entire natural history of Costa Rica in one single day. The Cerro Chirripo Grande is one of the main attractions in Costa Rica and is accessible by foot. Most of the terrain here has been protected here and so we get to see a lot of greenery. Cerro Chirripo is the highest peak here and to get to the top is in itself a formidable feat. With the miles of trails that you climb and with the lovely ecological zones that you would traverse , you are sure to come back with the most enchanting memories of travels to this land.

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The Chirripo National park is a beautiful region with the highest peak here providing the travel excitement. With spectacular views and lovely sights, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea is visible from here thus giving a lot of visual delight to the visitor. The 11 miles long and 3000 metres of elevation makes the climb up very strenuous but there are many interested enthusiasts who love to embark on this exciting journey up. There are two huts where you can spend the night so it is really not required that you have to carry a tent. The first hut is at Llano Bonito and it is a unique experience to live in this small tin roofed structure. Then you have the other hut a little further up and this has a bunk bed type of sleeping racks.

chirripo national park
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Go really prepared for the climb up the peak as it is a hard and strenuous exercise. Carry lot of water and a sleeping bag. A cook stove would also come useful. Besides take a sunscreen along so that you don’t get suntanned. As the place is closer to the equator at the height that you will be in you could get really burnt so make sure you cover your skin with a good sun tan lotion. Make a reservation in the park and also get in touch with the ranger station. You might have to wait in a long list of people. Also get the permit issued in the check post.

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Many tourists come to Cerro Chirripo Grande and enjoy the sights of the amazing parks. The biodiversity here is infectious and is a fascination for all who climb up. There are lovely pastures at 1000 meters near San Gerardo de Rivas and then there is a lovely sight of the tundra ecosystem near the peak at a height of around 3,819 metres. Biologists come here totally enchanted by the sights and really get involved in knowing the place better.

After the pastures you get to see the park in its true tropical form. With the best sights of evergreen lower MOntane forest and beautiful giant oak trees, the trek in this part of Costa Rica is a sure favourite amongst adventure lovers. There trail flows a terrain of hillsides and also valleys and the canopy of trees over your head is an added beauty. The epiphytic ecosystem is really something that lingers in your memories and you would love to have this feeling of being closer to nature.

Then you would see a change in the vegetation and as you look down and catch sight of the beautiful streams, there are lots of trouts that you would see. Above the tree line, you would see a cactus and a scrub. The conditions here are very tough and hard to handle and by the time you reach the top you would actually feel you are in the Colorado plateau!

All in all, tours to Cerro Chimpo are filled with a lot of excitement, adventure and ecstasy. Embark on these tours and know Costa Rica better.

Visit Cerro Chimpo in Costa Rica and experienced the pleasures of a great verdant paradise.