Whistler British Columbia Canada – Refreshing vacation


Saying good morning to myself, I woke up at around 5 O’ Clock, left my bouncy bed, and went ahead to make some memorable time with my only love – SLR camera. Firstly, I hired a car to make a proper start in Whistler British Columbia Canada. Being over here I planned to explore a wonderland and so I went to do the same in Whistler. Actually, I surfed the internet to get some good places to explore and here what I did. I got a good driver who drove me to the city very soon. All the way, I was thinking about my accommodations, trips to explore the city, what I will get there, whether I will be fascinated and rest of the stuffs.

Stanley Park

Well to be very honest, I thought to take rest and make me perfect so that I could beat my tired nature. I stayed at the most amazing hotel in Whistler, where king size bed, kitchen dishwasher, and bathroom reminded me of the Grand Hyatt in Singapore. To get this awesome room I paid C$120 for a night. This was the cheapest paid snow accommodation I’ve ever enjoyed. The next day after taking sufficient sleep, I went to take some good pictures as I have a passion of nature photography. The first sight, which I explored that morning, was the Stanley Park. Truly, it’s an amazing park lies next to the city.

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Stanley Park
image: Pinterest

Vancouver Aquarium

The park includes two separate beaches and many lakes. I took a 10 kilometre round bike trip and experienced heaps of squirrels and ducks. I also enjoyed taking the magnificent views of the city and snow capped mountains as a backdrop. The site was fantastic. Ahead into the park, I went to the Vancouver Aquarium in Whistler British Columbia Canada, well I experienced first time in my life, the cool white whales – called as Beluga whales, and with this, I also enjoyed few moments with the cutest otters. This aquarium also houses starfish, piranhas and other beings, but I really liked the whales and they were very friendly.

vancouver aquarium
image: pwp.vpl.ca

Suspension Bridge

After exploring this park, I went ahead to the Suspension bridge, where I crossed the rainforest and took a treetop walk in the forest. Do you know what I liked the most to this place? Well, it was the trees that look like the Christmas trees, being cut down to shoot a movie. All the trees were in the same shape and were fascinating. As I was already planned to explore as much areas as possible, I preceded my trip further by driving towards Whistler. Oh! Amazing scenery all the way. Yuppie! Now I felt like I am in Canada.

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Suspension bridge
image: en.wikipedia.org

Whistler British Columbia Canada

Do you know that Whistler is the site of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Whistler British Columbia Canada lies at a distance of 120 kilometres towards north of Vancouver. Well, what I experienced by surfing internet was true. Whistler is an attractive alpine village located among the Coast Mountains. This resort town is a home to the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains where 7,200 people live. This place offers excellent skiing opportunity during winters and also huge amount of summer activities. The two mountains together make this city a largest ski resort in the entire North America.

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whistler ski resort
image: whistler.com

The European style village of Whistler is itself a best ski village on the continent. I tried to ski, but as I am new to this activity, I couldn’t make it perfect. Sometimes falling down and sometimes crawling – this was a real game that I played at this best winter ski resort. Besides this, I also enjoyed some shopping in the city and was a great experience. Also the nightlife and festivals of Whistler was captivating. Strolling around the city offered me tremendous pleasure, especially the skiing activity that boosted my energy and interest. Three days in Whistler has proved a great experience. I wonder when the time will come to visit this breathtaking site again. The pictures that I clicked were kept carefully by me to see and flow back to those three enjoyable days.