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Visit Belize in tours to America and enjoy your exciting experiences here. A true paradise for all adventure lovers, this is a great place to be in, in tours to this part of the world. Enjoy the caves and atolls of this fascinating travel locale and come back with a. The stunning beaches here alongwith the pleasures of diving only make travels here very cherishable and a unique experience.

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The outer cayes and atolls are accessed by boat except the Blackbird Caye and the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, which have airstrips. Many tourists are happy visiting the other atolls nearby so these two magnificent atolls are usually not as crowded thus attracting those who wish to have a p   e in Belize

BlackBird Caye in Belize

All those who come here are drawn towards the pleasures of diving, which offers opportunities to explore around the region. The enchanting underwater life and the corals here are very well protected Tourists love to see this and also the beautiful dolphins, manatees and the manta rays.

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Half Moon Caye Lighthouse in Belize

Half Moon Caye Lighthouse in Belize

Visit the Half Moon Caye lying to the southeast of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. This 45 acre stretch with its rich marine life and turquoise waters and untouched coral is a great place for snorkelling and diving. The sight of the Frigate birds and the booby birds in the beautiful and enchanting national park of Belize are a source of delight to tourists.

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The Turneffe Island is another heavenly locale around 25 miles from the Belize mainland. Thick green mangroves and the lagoon here add to the visual delight. This coupled with the continuous flow of marine life makes this enchanting paradise in tours here.

turneffe island

Tourists come from afar to enjoy the diving pleasures here and The Elbow is a lovely diving spot here. With schools of groupers, snappers, eagle rays, and permits converging here, the pleasures of travel here s something beyond description.

With fishing also as a tourist attraction, travels to the enchanting atolls here are cherishable.

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