Travel Attractions from Merida

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Visit America and see the beautiful sights at Merida the magnificent region in this part of the world. Merida is the state and also the capital. Tourists from across the world come here and enjoy the pleasures of this Andean paradise in the western part of Venezuela. The splendid ambience here alongwith the beauty of the surroundings is one of the major reasons that tourists visit this place. There is a diversity here that is particular to this place and the simplicity of the place as well as the magnificence of the natural delights is what makes tours here very fascinating.

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See the Pico de Bolivar here which is the highest Venezuelan peak at a height of around 5007 metres. Then you also have the Palmarito beach which is situated on the southeastern side of Lake Maracaribo. Merida is a place that is filled with the best kinds of tourist attractions and the most fascinating varieties of scenic delights. From the four national parks that surround this place to the 12 state parks and the three natural monuments or the trout fishing pleasures that you get here travels to this part of the world are very interesting. Also you get the best kind of handicrafts, and also the most delightful coffee grower’s farms and also great chapels which are a great visual delight here.

Travel Attractions from Merida
Pico de Bolivar

The pleasures of a rustic inn and the comfortable fireplace add to the beauty of travels here. Merida is a lovely region stretching along a valley that is situated at a height of around 1,625 metres and lies very near the Sierra Nevada or the snowed mountain. River Chama lies on the western side and river Albarregas passes the middle of the city. then there are Rivers Mucujun and Milla that join Albarregas in the northern part of the city. River Albarregas divide the city into two and three are three transverse viaducts that cross the city. These three river ducts are Miranda, Sucre, and Campo Elias. It is said that it was the Spaniards who came to this city and also founded it.

Travel Attractions from Merida

Merida has its most traditional and modern sectors in the northern half and the southern potions have many tourists attractions which are a total delight to all those who come to this part of the world.

visit Avenida Andres Bello which is a very interesting region in Merida. See La Parroquia that is situated in the southern portion and is very famous for the religious festivals and also the greatly interesting houses. Then there is El Punto which is known as Zumba today and this is also equally fascinating for the visitors’ eyes.

Travel Attractions from Merida
La Parroquia

Merida has a chain of 28 urban parks and this is more than any other city in Venezuela. So with the sights of the most majestic monuments and squares, this is a city that is greatly enchanting and filled with the best tour attractions. The Parque Jardin Acuario is another place that has a lot of attraction for all the tourists coming here. Then there is the Museo de Ciencia y Tecnologia which is another beautiful structure to see in this fascinating land.

Travel Attractions from Merida
Museo de Ciencia y Tecnologia

Then there is Avenida Andres Bello which leads to the Sucre viaduct. Here you have the Aeropuerto Alberto Carnevalli which takes you to the Miranda viaduct. This is an airport that has a colonial style of construction that completely enthralls the tourist but the location of the airport is such that the pilots are not very comfortable with the positioning of the airport very close to the mountain.

Then you have the Alto Chama and Las Tapias which are beautiful monuments here and also reasons why the tourists would come here just to seek the pleasures of a very interesting land.

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Then there is the Mercado Principal de Merida or the street market which is very popular for the handicrafts and the Andean attractions here in this beautiful region of Merida. This is located in front of the Avenida Las America which is reached after crossing the River Albarregas through the Miranda viaduct.

A tour to Merida is certainly filled with a lot of tour pleasures and travel delights. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of a great paradise.

Travel Attractions from Merida

Come to the beautiful land of Merida and enjoy the pleasures of an enchanting destination.

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