Teotihuacan Mexico – The city of Gods

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Teotihuacan is also known as The City of the Gods, moreover is an Aztec archeological site which is located at a distance of 40 kms in the northeastern region of Mexico City. Náhuatl is regarded as “the place where men became gods”, moreover Teotihuacán is an abode to a few of the largest ancient pyramids all across the world. As stated by the legend, it was at this juncture where the gods used to come together for planning the creation of the man.

Teotihuacan Mexico – the city of Gods
image: en.wikipedia.org

Things to see

Teotihuacan Mexico has loads of small pyramids; on the other hand essentially there are only four major attractions.

The Temple of the Moon:

It is a medium sized pyramid which is positioned off from the central region of the complex.

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Teotihuacan Mexico – the city of Gods
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The Temple of the Sun:

This is the largest pyramid in the Teotihuacan Mexico within the structure along with exceptional views of the neighboring mountains. Remember to wear loads of sunscreen; they by no means describe it as the Temple of the Sun for not anything.

Teotihuacan Mexico – the city of Gods
image: machupicchu.org

The Temple of Quetzacotl:

It is regarded as one of the most sacred Temples in Teotihuacan Mexico. The temple is been ornamented by means of numerous stone dragon heads.

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Teotihuacan Mexico – the city of Gods
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Museo Teotihuacán:

This is the museum that is been positioned at the park along with the outstanding displays as well as a miniature recreation of the complete site. The place is worth visiting.

Teotihuacan Mexico – the city of Gods
image: zonaarqueologica.com.mx

In addition there are a few smaller structures that surrounds this complex, no one above a height of four or five meters. A drive just about the outer limits, on the road by the side of the park will present numerous surprises as well as is worth taking the trip. Moreover hitching a ride otherwise even paying some peso’s for having a ride is worthwhile.

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In addition, there are numerous interesting constructions by the side of the Avenue of the Dead that runs all along the center of this site, as a result don’t simply walk from the first temple to the second one. In front side of the Temple of the Moon and the left hand side of the plaza, there are numerous areas, which include the Palace of the Jaguars that house numerous wall sculptures, underground rooms, and paintings.

Teotihuacan Mexico – the city of Gods
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Things to do:

You can take an exit from one of the numerous back gates into the neighboring townships of San Juan Teotihuacán. Here you can easily shop for the consumer items similar to water, groceries, bakery items, fresh OJ etc. It is a nice little town. From here you can also obtain the Telemex prepaid calling card for the pay phones that are used in Mexico. They are easily available from a number of vendors as well as the savings are considerable.

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