Skiing Experiences in the Andes


Andes is a natural border between Argentina and Chile. Marvel at this beautiful location in this part of Chile and experience the pleasures of being in a fascinating land filled with ice and snow. Skiing here is a great destination for all the winter sports lovers and provides fantastic delights in the Andes in Chile.

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The snow here is of good quality and it is compared to the snow pack that are available in Whistler and is like dry cold smoke powder, which is found in regions like resorts in Utah. The best time to visit the Andes is between the months of July to mid September. The ski season is from the middle of June to the middle of October with many options, which give a lot of delight to the tourists.

There are at least 30 ski resorts here and they are at a height of around 3700 meters. Chile is a great winter destination and mainly focuses on the hot springs and the major mountain centers with the main purpose of excellent service and gives a lot of assistance to the passengers before and after the trip.

Andes Santiago Airport

There are provisions for agents to pick you up once you arrive at the Santiago airport. The expertise is mainly on skiing and snowboarding and this helps in enjoying the whole experience. There are also tours to propagate the compensation of carbon emission and the way they are detrimental to environment .The ski tours indulge in this and more and spread the knowledge of conservation of energy.

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The Andes was formed in the time of the Jurassic ear and there was lot of subduction of the Nazca plate below the South American plate. It is one of the longest exposed mountain range in South America and is a natural border for the countries of Argentina and Chile. With Aconcagua as its highest peak ski experiences here are of great delight and interest.

Snowboarding in Andes

Snowboarding in andes

Andes Mountain ski and snowboard regions are located only in Argentina Central Andes Mountain region and Chile regions. Chile is the most developed country with the best facilities for accommodation and is also the best snowboards and skiing area.

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Central Andes has dryer and lighter snow and there is lot of snow accumulation. So snow storms do not last for more than three days here. They are very intense and thus provide the ski lovers with fresh powder snow to enjoy.

Andes Mountain

andes mountain

Easily accessible from Santiago it has blue skies and green trees and has the best of accommodation facilities. Portillo, La Parva, Valle Nevado, and El Colorado are major ski destinations in Chile.

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Nevado de Chilean and the Villarica Volcano skiing areas give the best of skiing experiences. Come here to this beautiful land and enjoy the pleasures of a great destination filled with the best of ski delights.