Palenque Mexico – a renowned Maya city

Palenque Mexico – a renowned Maya city
palenque mexico

Palenque Mexico, a Mayan city state is located in southern part of the country and had flourished all through the seventh century. Subsequent to its turn down it was absorbed by the tropical rain forest. The archaeologists have excavated and restored much of the city and attract thousands of tourists from across the globe. This site is located in close proximity to the Usumacinta River within the Mexican state of Chiapas, which is located almost at a distance of 130 km in the southern region of Ciudad del Carmen almost at an elevation of 150 m above the sea-level.

Palenque Mexico is actually a medium-sized archaeological site, much smaller than the huge sites like Tikal or else Copán, but it contains a few of the finest sculpture, architecture, roof comb as well as bas-relief carvings of the Mayan era.

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Palenque Mexico – a renowned Maya city
Palenque carving

Historians through years of work have deciphered most of the hieroglyphic which tell the story about the rivalry of the city state with the various other states for instance Calakmul as well as Toniná. Using these hieroglyphics the historians have mapped the dynasty tree of the rulers of Palenque Mexico. In addition the most renowned ruler of Palenque was the popular Pacal the Great whose mausoleum is been found as well as is been excavated inside the distinguished temple of the inscriptions.

Other Noteworthy Constructions

The Aqueduct that is been constructed by means of great stone blocks by way of a three-meter-elevated vault to craft the flow of the Otulum River underneath the flooring of main plaza of Palenque.

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Furthermore The Temple of The Lion is located at a total distance of a few 200 m in the southern region of the foremost grouping of temples; the name of the temple is been derived from the complex bas-relief statuette of the king who is seated on his throne in the appearance of a jaguar.

The Structure XII that is a bas-relief statue of the God of Death is also a must see.

Temple of the Count is one more graceful Classic Palenque temple that has got its name as of the actuality that early traveler Jean Frederic Waldeck was living within this building for a few time, as well as Waldeck was declared to be a Count.

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Palenque Mexico – a renowned Maya city

This site in addition has various other tombs, temples, as well as elite residences, some located at a good expanse from the central region of this site.