Ottawa: Transport, Sightseeing


Transport Ottawa

Ottawa, The public transport system runs for 22 hours a day in single, articulated buses. The Transitway is dedicated to bus services and roadways for quick travel in the town. The public transport network covers an astonishing 246 bus routes during peak hours. You can utilize transfer tickets for train and bus travel. Several passes are available that give discounts. The buses are equipped to accommodate the physically impaired.

The public transport system is developed beyond the river in Quebec. This paves the way for transport in the entire Ottawa-Gatineau region. The bus travel has hourly departures to Montreal and several visits in the day to Toronto.

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There are several taxi services in the city that bring parts of the city closer. The ‘Blue Line Taxis’ is the largest in the city. Alternatively, you can avail of the car-hire facility. Most cars can be hired from the airport or most hotels. To avail of this service, you need to be a minimum of 21 years of age with a valid driving license issued from any country.

Bicycle hire too is getting popular by the day. The city is a dream-come-true for cyclists with hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths. The paths take you through hills, scenic location, river banks, and gardens. Pick a map of the cycling routes and set out on your journey.

Sightseeing of Ottawa

It is not hard to see why Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Built along the River Ottawa, the city is home to gothic buildings with steep spires and turrets.

The Rideau Canal changes from a skating hotspot and winter wonderland to a splendid waterway pliable with canoes during summertime.

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The tulip festival is famous all over the world. It is the sign that summer has begun. Travelers, students, families, and politicians take a walk through the gardens, visit museums, or spend their time cycling.

The Parliament Buildings situated on Parliament Hill see a surge in tourist activity during the summer concerts and the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard. The Parliament Buildings are neo-gothic in nature. If you wish to view the House of Commons and Senate make use of the daily tours to these sites.

Parliament buildings

The Canadian Museum of Civilization gives an insight into the history of Canada over the past 1000 years. The city is also home to the Canadian War Museum which displays exhibits of the wars.

National Gallery Ottawa

The National Gallery of Ottawa is guarded by a huge bronze, steel spider sculpture. Some of the country’s finest art collections are housed in the gallery. The gallery also has exhibits of the native Canadian art. When in the city, do not miss the famous Stray Cats of the Hill, which houses various types of cats.

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Make use of the museum passes, which last for seven days. They are valid across ten museums and also for performances and concerts at the National Arts Centre.