One fine day in Columbus

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One fine day in Columbus

A trip to Columbus was my dream from past five years but never get perfect time to explore it entirely. This time I arranged a day to Columbus and planned to make my dreams come true at least I could have made it slightly. One day is not at all sufficient but will somehow worth a little. A day trip I feel is a gift of god who listened to my prayers as I was in Ohio for some work and due to this I planned a day. So firstly, I planned five places in Columbus, Ohio where I wanted to visit and 18 hours was very less for me. I rested well in my hotels so that I could burn my foot but still get energy to explore them.

Finally, I went out of my room and started my trip in the city. My first stop, as I was traveling by car, was at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. I am a motorcycle fan so I gave first preference to this. I stopped there and started see what exactly this museum has to offer to me. Well, I spent good time but not that fascinating. I gained much knowledge at the museum from Bikes, history and information. Staff of the museum shared knowledge and joy with few of us who were in a group exploring the museum. The museum displayed some 200 motorcycles that date back to the early 1900’s.

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

As it was my dream, I took a long time looking at these vehicles and said bye to them. The feel was so real that I was speaking to the motorcycles and they were responding me as well. Then I went to my next stop, which is The Columbus Center for Paper & Book Arts. I know it’s quite a kind of crap what people say. Taking a trip of such site that is not an attraction. But I love informative things and so I visited to know few more things about them. However, this is not a highlight but I always think about papers when I waste some in office. I really love the collections of papers and one of my finest collections is a European laser cut Ivory stock paper.

Therefore, when I heard about the large selection of European papers and faux wax and seals, I felt a sudden desire to visit. But yes, I must say that when I went to explore this site, I was not the only person but with me many people was exist. It cleared my thoughts that there are many people in this world who love to know about such things. It’s a passion for those lovers who love fine paper, book art, artist’s tools, cards, collage material and others. I saw a small museum where fine collection was the attraction, dates back to the early 1900’s with a vast number of variety and store of various art supplies along with papers.

Also, I experienced a store that comprised of a House of cards, vast collection of collage materials, a segment on Faux Wax and seals, and massive paper collection from all over the World. Out of this, the reason why I went to this place is because to explore the section of European Paper. After experiencing this site entirely, I went to explore the rest three places what I have planned before leaving the hotel. Those three places are the Kathryn Gallery, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium and Wexner Center for the Arts, which I really wanted to visit.

All these three sites came highly recommended but I choose only one and that is the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. I took a ride to this zoo and my driver really helped me to explore the sites. In addition, I enjoyed his stories, gossips and history that he shared with me all the way. Truly, this was the most informative tour in my life. The zoo was so huge that it took my four hours to explore it as soon as possible. I had a great time at the African Forest, Asia Quest, Australia, Islands of Southeast Asia, North America, Pachyderms, Reptiles, Shores, and Animal Enrichment. This places are known to be Columbus tourist attractions.

Columbus Zoo

Columbus Zoo Aquarium

Firstly, I choose to experience Fluffy, which is the largest snake in captivity in the world. The exhibits are held great and also they made it easy to locate and photograph the animals in the zoo. I didn’t got much chance to make it happen as I was already in rush to catch a flight from the Port Columbus International Airport. Better luck, next time! I hope to decorate my dream again in a better way soon…

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