Natural Wonders at Barbados

Beautiful beach framed with palms and seaside cafe on Caribbean island of Anguilla

Come to the beautiful land of Barbados and experience the pleasures of a great land filled with the best kind of travel delights. Come here and visit the Harrison’s Cave. Situated in the central uplands of the magnificent island of Barbados, tourists enjoy the mesmerizing scene of the crystallized cavern filled with the greatest of travel memories. With the most fascinating sights of flowing streams, towering columns and deeps pools of crystal clean water, the simple delights of being in a land filled with maximum pleasures is something to take back home.

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Look at the beauty of the stones here and just bask in the glory of the beautiful speleothmes which decorate the cave. Make sure that you would be in Harrison’s cave the first thing when you visit Barbados. Harrison’s Cave is a natural delight here and has been named after Thomas Harrison who was the owner of most of the land in this area.

Go down below the earth and enjoy the simple wonders of nature. Listen to the rushing of the streams and the lovely sights of the glassy pools. Also gaze at the different varieties of stalagmites and stalactites and see how wall they form different shapes. This is where the early times explorers entered this land so just enjoy this adventure.


There are tour guides here who would help you through the place and there is a facility of tram that makes tours here even more comfortable. The new formations continuously grow in the cave and there are many points where you can get out and enjoy the sights at closer quarters. The main aim of the tours here is to enhance your travel experience.

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Barbados is one land that should not be missed just for its scenic value. Situated around 100 miles to the east of the Caribbean island, the Barbados chain is made of a special kind of coral limestone base. This gives the potable water here and the simple visual delights of beaches filled with sand and the agricultural properties that it has makes travels here to this part of the land very interesting. Sugar cane is the national crop here and the sugar that is derived out of this crop is then exported and is used to produce one of the best kind of rums in the world.

Beautiful beach framed with palms and seaside cafe on Caribbean island of Anguilla

Barbados also thrives in preservation and so the many reserves here only add to the natural experiences. Visit the Folkstone Park Marine Reserve which gives lot of adventurous trails and exciting moments and makes the visits here very pleasurable and unique. The forested highlands and the museums here add to the tour memories here . Then you have the Scotland district here which is another beautiful virgin area filled with the sights of the lovelies forested highlands. The Harrison’s Cave is one such beautiful gifts of nature here and is a lovely visit and thus there are many more such places which provide you with the best kind of pleasures.

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Barbados is certainly a land not to be missed as it adds to the travel kitty greatly. The blue sea, the golden beaches, and the relaxed ambience here make tours very comfortable and enjoyable.

Barbados has been influenced by many kinds of cuisine as there is a mix of people living here. So you would get the English as well as the African traditions here. You would also get a slight hint of European and Amerindian techniques of cuisine too. There are many restaurants here which cater to the palate of the people.

Relaxed ambience

Tourists coming here enjoy sunbathing in the aquamarine waters and pursue all kinds of water activities here. Besides Barbados also provides facilities for golf, cricket, watersports and polo. Travellers also come here to enjoy the Jazz Festival which is filled with the best of national and international performers. With food, religion , music and dance the best ways of enjoying tours here people come here and experience the pleasure of a great festival in the form of the Crop Over festival too. There is also a street carnival here which is called the Grand Kadooment and which is very popular here.

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Grand kadooment

Thus tours to Barbados are filled with the sights of the most fascinating beaches, the ideal watersports experience and the most adventurous holidays.