Guyana Travel Pleasures

Kaieteur Falls

Visit the beautiful land of America and bask in the delights of a lovely destination filled with a lot of delight and excitement. There are innumerable places, which you could visit here so enjoy the pleasures of a land that is filled with a lot of interesting things to enjoy, Guyana Travel Pleasures.

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Visit the Kaieteur Falls, which is a lovely waterfall on the River Potaro. Falling from a height of 700 feet this is around five times the Niagara Falls. Kaieteur National Park is located on the Guiana Shield, which is a magnificent plateau in one of the world’s most remote geological formations in the world. Kaieteur is alone of the most enchanting waterfalls in the world this is one of the few places in the entire world where you would find the most of endangered species.

Kaieteur Falls

Then there is the Orinduik Falls, which is another beautiful water body in Guyana. The Falls are found on the River Ireng which si a highland river that falls over the terraces and steps on the Brazilian border before joining the River Takutu and goes into Brazil to join the River Amazon. Lying amidst the verdant hills of the beautiful Pakaraima Mountains, the Orinduik Falls is a great destination for swimming.

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The Iwokrama rainforest reserve and the Canopy Walkway is a place where you get the best of delightful pleasures in the northeastern part of South America in central Guyana. Situated in the middle of the Guiana shield this is a region, which is at a height of around 1000 metres and forms the main focal point of the Forest. Once this was a place for the Makushi people and had many satellite camps and is equipped with many visitor cabins, transport vehicles, and dining facilities. The beautiful canopy walk surrounds you with the best of tour delights and provides sights like the Green Aracari, Guiana Toucannette, Channel bill Toucan and Scarlet Macaw. Get the best sights of the beautiful surrounding and enjoy the verdant expanse.

Canopy Walkway

Then there is the Shell Beach Shell spans over an area of 90 miles along the in northwestern shore of Guyana and extends in the area between the Rivers Waini and Pomeroon. They make a good nesting site for turtles and here the world’s best turtle species come here every year between the months of March and July. One can see the turtles struggling ashore in the night and it is an interesting sight to see them laying eggs and then return to the water.

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The main waterway of Guyana is the Essequibo River and it extends from Atlantic to the Amazon dividing Guyana into two. The Essequibo gives the best of wildlife watching and takes you around the most pristine parts of the Amazon. There are many resorts and lodges that are found along the river where the service is the best and where there are lot of activities, which the family would enjoy. Take the boat ride in the river and enjoy the pleasures of great water experiences.

Essequibo River

Then you have the Rupunni Savannahs, which are located in the southern part of Guyana, which is around 300 miles from Georgetown, which is the capital of the country, and it goes into Brazil. With the best of stunning sights, there is a large range of savannah lands, which provides great visual delights.

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The entire savannah land is scattered with fresh water, mountains, river systems and beautiful villages and fields with the most of anthills. These anthills rise over six feet and are a unique delight. The South Savannahs are very popular here and the scenic frontier here have many cattle ranches, with the surroundings of an open plain region and enjoy the adventurous horse back riding and the other pleasures.

Kanuku Mountains

Then there are the Kanuku Mountains in the south western part of Guyana, which comes out of grassland to get a great backdrop of the Rupunni savannah. There are beautiful species of mammals in Guyana and also lovely sights, which make tours here, very interesting. The Kanukus are bisected by the River Rupnni, which is a tributary here in the Essequibo.

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With the most of pleasures and lovely travel delights, the region of Guyana has lot of interesting sights and travel pleasures.