Exciting Travels at Cape Breton Highlands


The Cape Breton Highlands Park is a lovely adventure destination for those who visit Canada in American travels. It was in 1936, that this park spanning an area of 950 sq.km. was created. This is in fact the first kind of national park in the provinces of the Atlantic region. With the best sights of a great green destination, this beautiful region is a lovely adventure spot for all who come to this part of the world.

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As one reaches this beautiful Canadian locale, the simplicity and warmth of the locals is striking and memorable. Ingonish and Cheticamp are the two centres for information where tourists buy the required permits for entry of vehicles, fishing, touring, and many such activities popular here.

Alces in Cape Breton Highlands National Park
image: commons.wikipedia.org


Alces in Cape Breton Highlands National Park
images: commons.wikipedia.org

Stretching along the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the northern end of the region of Cape Breton, this park has two auto routes that take you inside. The magnificent scenic beauty and the breathtaking views that dominate the travels to the Cape Breton Highlands Park are the best travel kitty you could take back from here.

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Cape Breton Highlands

The main attraction here is the Cabot trail, which is a lovely loop way, which runs for around 300 kilometres. More than one third of the trail is inside the boundaries of this green paradise.

Cabot Trail and Gulf of St. Lawrence in Cape Breton
image: anotherwalkinthepark.com

Tourists who come to this enchanting locale love to take part in the various activities like hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, and sightseeing. Besides, this park is also a major venue for weddings and picnics. People come here to play golf and enjoy the weekly activities, which are a regular feature here.

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This travel locale is very popular for its ocean scenery and fascinating stretches of highlands. With deep river canyons and steep cliffs, making up most of the visual delights the park has a lovely maritime climate and is home to the Taiga, Boreal and Acadian kind of animals.

With such beautiful tour delights, Cape Breton Highlands Park is a very fascinating place to visit.