Exciting Tours at Montego Bay

Montego Bay

One of the popular tourist destinations in Jamaica is Montego Bay which is a lovely land filled with the best sights and the most fascinating ambiene. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of a great holiday local. Experience the best of the tropics here and get to see what a Carribean vacation could be. With the best beaches and also the most comfortable resorts in this part of the world, this is one area that has to be continuously explored to experience the true feeling of being here.

Montego Bay

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Get to see the lovely Windsor Caves, the Rose hall great h houseroom Jungle, cockpit country, Sandy Bay, Greenwood Great house, Croydon on the Mountain, Good Hope and the Rastafrail Indigenous village and also he experience at the Bob Marley theater.

Montego Bay

Visit Margaretville and enjoy kayaking and golfing here apart from rafting delights. With the canopy tour that you get here, equestrian experiences are also a great memory to cherish. Horseback rides are available here as also gaming in the Jackpot Jungle. Tourists also love to shop for fine jewelry here and so this beautiful city which is the capital of the ST. James Parish and the second larges Jamaican city is one of the most fascinating zones in this part of the world.

Montego bay is reached by road, rail and air. the area is on the main A1 road and the nearest railway station is the Montego Bay. The Sir Donald Sagster International Airport is the nearest airport.

Sagster International AirportThere is also a free port as also a cruise line terminal here which has been made on the man made peninsula. Come to downtown here and enjoy the noise and the people here. This is the best place to go if you want to get the feel of Jamaica in its true skin. Jamaicans live here happily and the hawkers sell their areas and enjoy their job. Eat a local eatery here and marvel at the amount of authentic souvenirs that you get here.

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Go to the Cornwall beach and enjoy the sights of sunsets here alongwith other activities like snorkeling , swimming etc. then of course there is the Doctor’s Cave Beach which is another beautiful land with crystal clear water and snorkeling facilities. Enjoy the Dunn’s River Falls and Park. Her you could see the best of sights of four rivers combining into one and you an also see how it falls into the Caribbean Sea. There tourists who are adventurous can climb the falls and form a human chain here.

John Halls Montego

Then you have the John Halls Montego bay Adventure tour which is filled the thrill and excitement of this fascinating experience.

‘Tourists coming here enjoy kite boarding and find this a great kite surfing centre. The Caribbean sea is famous for this.

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Then go to the Walter Fletcher Beach and enjoy the activities like swimming, beach time fun and boat rides here.

Then there is the Montego Bay Sea Trek Adventure. This takes you underwater and also gives you the best sights of the ocean floor below.