Exciting Santa Cruz Tour Ecstasies

Santa Cruz
image: us.pricetravel.com

Visit Chile and take back with you wonderful experiences of being in Santa Cruz. Situated in the Colchagua Valley around 110 miles from Santiago, which is also the capital of Chile, this place is around 27 miles from San Fernando.

It has a great colonial kind of architecture and is a famous tourist spot too. The majestic Santa Cruz Church, the Carillon Clock, and many other structures form a part of the interesting enchanting tours. There are other important attractions like the Museum of Colchagua and the Wine Train vineyard tour, which make up excellent travel experiences.

History & Construction Santa Cruz

The colonial constructions and the other historical places add to your travel memories. This is in fact a beautiful town to visit in fascinating Chile. It is said that there was a military man who made lot of money and wanted to reinvest it. The town slowly flourished due to its continuous progress and development. Tourists come here and take back memories of interesting tours. Some of the intriguing things here include the wine Train vineyard tour, which takes you around the delicious vineyards. The Museo de Colchagua the largest private museum in Chile having the most fascinating collection of artifacts and the most enchanting artworks too is worth visiting.

The months of March and April are the best to visit. This is time of harvesting wine as well as other crops. This is a festival that is in fact one of the best in Chile tours. Then there is the Hacienda El Huique, which is another beautiful, house going back to the time many years ago. There is a chapel here, which has a 23 metre high bell tower.

With so much to see and do Santa Cruz is indeed a wonderful travel destination.