Enjoy your tours in Todos Santos

Enjoy your tours in Todos Santos

Come to Mexico and experience the pleasures of a great travel destination in this part of the world. Visit Todos Santos and enjoy the simple delights of being in a land filled with maximum joy and excitement. Todos Santos has been a place where you get the sights of the best kinds of trees and also would have the ideal kinds of tour experiences Change is happening here and the simple pleasures being in a land filled with beach delights and travel experiences makes this place a must see in tours to this beautiful part of the world.

Tourists coming here enjoy the sights of the turtle and surfing beach at Los Cerritos which has also been chosen for future development. There are bars, hotels and houses here and they are certainly a major attraction for tourists coming here.

Enjoy your tours in Todos Santos

What we see of Santo today and what existed earlier is not the same. Today we see a lot of modernism and the traditional way that existed was there in the past years. Existing since the year 1723, Todos Santos was almost destroyed by the Pericu rebellion in the year 1734.

Then it slowly grew and continued to be a progressive city till 1840. Sometime in the later part of the 19th century, Todos Santos became a successful sugar town with a lot of mills or trapiches or mills. There are many depleted aquifers which totally eliminated the thirst it the entire industry.

Todos Santos coastal town

Todos Santos coastal town

Todos Santos the lovely coastal town is thus a beautiful place to visit and an enchanting our destination. The people here used to have Baja sugarcane as their main crop and had a lot of sugar mills too. Today the rich farmlands have been revamped and the town has an abundance of chilli and vegetable farming. It also has farms of papaya, avocado, fishing, mango orchards, fishing and ranching. Located very near the Tropic of Cancer this is a lovely town located in the municipality of La Paz.

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Todos Santos is famous for the October festival which showcases the mission which contains the statue of the Virgin of Pilar . Situated across th street to the southwest of the small town plaza this is a beautiful attraction in this part of Mexico.

Tourism has gradually increased in this town and the tourist activity has got a real boost due to the real estate development. There are many handicraft shops, with galleries with owner operated art rooms. These art galleries show the best landscape paintings of local scenes. The artists are from Guadalajara and other areas in the beautiful land of Mexico.

Hotel California of Todos Santos

Hotel California

Here you also have the Hotel California which is a famous halt here in tours of the city. With the best restaurants, boutique hotels there are many colonial buildings that have been restored here.

Los Cerritos

Los Cerritos

With beautiful beaches and sandy shores dominating the landscape here, the town has some of the best undertows, rip tides, and the drop offs are great sights to experience here. the shores are not very safe for swimming. Play Los Cerritos and Playa Las Palmas are famous beaches for shell collection and swimming. Then you have Los Cerritos and San Pedrito which are beautiful surf locales here where surf enthusiasts come with a lot of enthusiasm.

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Accommodations here in Cerritos beach and San Pedrito ensure that you would be comfortable and relaxed in the beautiful surroundings of Todos Santos.

Playa Las Palmas of Todos Santos

Come to Mexico and enjoy the tour delights and travel experiences in the beautiful region of Todos Santos which provides ideal travel memories. Filled with a lot of history and past stories, tours here are very enchanting as well as enthralling. Come and feel closer to the past here and enjoy your tours here.