Adventures in Trinidad and Tobago

Adventures in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad was initially a part of the mainland of South America and was the first halt for the people who used to come in yester years. The Caribbean’s are said to be among the first to visit Trinidad and Tobago part of the world and then they migrated towards South America and brought with them animals seeds and plants.

The island thus has a natural life that is a blend of island forms and continental terrain. This is what makes Trinidad a very special kind of attraction for all and thus fills the entire area with a kind of greenery that is enviable. There is a 3000 foot mountain, and a vast expanse of swamps, plains, coastlines, mangroves and a variety of species all in the same region.

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Trinidad has some of the best sights of turtles on the beaches here and also is witness to the bats that fill the nights with a lot of life and energy as they came to live in the caves here. The very famous scarlet ibis is found here and this is a permanent inhabitant of the swamp. There are around 400 birds which live in Trinidad and Tobago and they halt here for their migrations.

Trinidad and Tobago

Adventures in Trinidad and Tobago

Get the best views of the tayra or wild dogs, the ocelots and the red brocket deer here. Also you find the wild pigs or the quenk and the West Indian manatee which is an endangered kind now. The silky anteaters also dominate sights here. So the best thing to do while on tours here is to enjoy the sights of these lovely species and also see the endemic bird pawi or the piping guan. This is a bird that looks a little bit like a wild turkey. With more than 600 butterfly species, the simple ambience coupled with such sights is what makes tours here very enchanting. Then you have the luminous lizards which is another great attraction here. Then there is the golden tree frog which lives on the mountain peaks.

The eco sites for adventure are easily found here in Trinidad and you just need a little bit of planning to actually be able to enjoy it totally.

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Then come here and enjoy the sights of the Pointe a Peirrre Wildfowl Trusts which is found here in the center of the oil refinery. This is the reason tourists book in advance for adventure tours in Trinidad.

Pointe peirrre wildfowl of Trinidad and Tobago

The Wildfowl Trust is a habitat that is mainly to preserve all the endangered waterfowl and other such bird species. It is an effort to bring back the natural ambience here. Spanning over 26 hectares this serene land is filled with the best delights of lakes and wood and is found in the centre of the PEtrotrin oil refinery near San Fernando. In fact it has been a witness to a steady visit of the wildfowl populace.

The roads here wind up and provide a perfect tour delight to all coming to this part of the world. There is a path here that leads down to the Learning Centre which has been a gift from the Canadian Government. There is also a museum here which has some of the best artefacts and also has an exhibition of posters, charts and shells. You can also buy some good souvenirs here along with many other items of interest.

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The elderly come here and like to take a stroll around the lake and enjoy themselves watching the ducks and the other waterfowls her. Here the anhinga provides a source of interest to all visitors. The naturalist would love to see the national bird of Trinidad the scarlet ibis and would love to see the manner in which is opens its red plumage.

Wildfowl populace of Trinidad and Tobago

Wildfowl populace

All in all, this is one adventurous experience that shouldn’t be missed in tours to Trinidad and Tobago. So make sure you do enjoy the whole travel here.