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The Americas are lands belonging to the Western Hemisphere. It is also called the New World. It comprises the continents of North America and South America. It includes tropical islands and regions belonging to both continents. The Americas cover nearly 8.3% of the total surface area of the earth. The land area occupied is 28.4%. Both continents are home to nearly 13.5% of the world’s population, which stands at 900 million. The most populous cities in the Americas include Mexico City, New York City, and Sao Paulo.

America is one of the top destinations for world travelers. A trip to America will change and enhance the perspectives of travelers. The lifestyle of the people inhabiting the Americas is unique. The culture and traditions are rich and diverse. Travel to the Americas has increased by leaps and bounds. There are a plethora of online networks that make travel to the Americas much simpler. These online resources provide the traveler with up-to-date information. All you have to do is select your destination.



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