Exciting And Amazing Places You Need To Visit When Traveling in Central America and the Caribbean

Nicaraguan Ometepe island

Central America, Nicaragua, landscapes on an Ometepe island. The picture present the sand Santo Domingo beach with the view on the volcano Concepcion

Due to the fact that it’s relatively small in size, a large part of Central America is generally overlooked by a lot of backpackers who dismiss the Caribbean as overly expensive and touristy and head over to other destinations, such as Mexico. However, the truth is that this is a big mistake.

In fact, if this is the first time you’re visiting Central America, you may want to try climbing the lava gurgling volcanoes with cones so high, that they poke right through the clouds. Experience the adventure of taking a walk in the jungle that leads past the Mayan pyramids, through the dark canopy where quetzals, howler monkeys, slots and pumas live.

Surfing and diving here is very cheap and you can easily explore the wonderful aquatic wildlife by swimming along sea turtles and other marine creatures in a maze of coral reefs.

With its imposing and beautiful palm trees that sway gently in the wind, its white sandy beaches and crystal clear azure waters, there is no other place on earth that evokes the image of serenity and adventure better than the Caribbean.

Isla de Ometepe (Nicaragua)

With its astonishing natural beauty and prehistoric vibe, the image of the Isla de Ometepe’s twin volcanic peaks evokes the island’s rich past. In fact, this place is so beautiful and awe inspiring, that it has impressed everyone from the Pre-colonial Aztec descendents to worldwide popular American humorist and author, Mark Twain and finally to the few people that managed to survive out here more than 100 years ago.

Thanks to its dramatic profile, wondrous archaeological sites, wildlife population, but also wide beaches, crystal clear waters and fertile volcanic soil, Isla de Ometepe was nominated for the title of one of the world’s seven wonders in 2006. While it didn’t make the cut, it shows just how unique and alluring this place really is.


St George's harbour Grenada

St George’s harbour Grenada

A lot of tourists mix up Grenada in the Caribbean with Granada of Spain and eventually end up in the wrong place. However, once you arrive in Grenada, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the island’s sheer colorfulness.

The cozy island architecture, the yellows and reds of the blooms, but also the lush and green tropical vegetation will instantly cheer you up and make you feel excited before you even commence to explore the island.

Tikal (Guatemala)

Rising to heights of more than forty four meters, the steep sided temples are by far the most striking features of Tikal. However, compared to many other Mayan sites such as Uxmal, Chicken Itza or Copan, Tikal is different because it’s located deep in the jungle.

Even though its many temples have been uncovered, partially restored and its plazas were cleared of vines and trees, anyone who wants to visit this breathtaking place still needs to pass beneath the dense canopy of rainforest. The distinct animal noises here, the fresh air, but also the loamy and rich aromas of the vegetation and air make visiting Tikal a unique experience that’ll stay with you forever.

lake Atitlan Guatemala

Beatiful sunset at the lake Atitlan near the volcano. Guatemala

Largo de Atitlan (Guatemala)

In his writings, 19th Century chronicler and traveler John Lloyd Stephens, called Largo the Atitlan the most amazing spectacle he’s ever seen and truth be said, he’s been around for a while. Nowadays, many of those who visit this place goggle at the wonderful and old villages and at the lake’s rippling expanse that completes this paradise on earth.

Dozens of green hills litter this unique scenery and over all the natural wonders you can see around you loom majestic volcanoes that permeate the entire island with an unspoken beauty.


Anyone who plans on visiting the Caribbean should certainly consider visiting Aruba, since this is a place that offers more than natural beauty. In fact, it’s the perfect destination for anyone who loves luxury and decadence and just wants to relax, have fun and indulge in a paradise that offers a wide range of amazing activities, such as water sports, hiking, and many more.


Bermuda Horseshoe Bay beach scene empty without any tourists.

Bermuda Horseshoe Bay beach.

Last but not least, when planning a trip to the Caribbean you certainly need to put Bermuda on your list. This is a unique and easily recognizable place thanks to its old world British sophistication. The people here are friendly and generally walk about town wearing business shirts that are neatly tucked in. However, don’t let that make you believe they don’t know how to have fun.

Compared to other tropical island out there, Bermuda offers a lot more than beautiful sandy beaches. You can also enjoy playing golf here and if you really must visit some of the best beaches here, then the Elbow and Horseshoe Bay beaches are famous worldwide for their azure and crystal clear waters.

Visiting Central America and the Caribbean is certainly going to be an unforgettable experience for everyone who loves nature, white sandy beaches and exotic beauty. Just make sure you take some time to decide what you’d like to visit prior to booking your flight and make sure you also hire a guide who can show you around so that you can make the most out of the time you spend here!

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