Have The Perfect Vacation By Visiting These Top Rated Tourist Attractions In Belize

BelizeImagine a country with a laid back Caribbean atmosphere, incredible exotic wildlife, but also wonderful cave formations, colorful coral reefs and tropical beaches. Along this country’s coast lies the 2nd longest barrier reef on the planet, while along its jungles dozens of temple ruins lie scattered. If you think that there’s no way such a country can exist, then you’re sorely mistaken. This is Belize, one of the most visited countries in Central America and it has many wonderful places where you can have a great time, as we’re going to see below.


Located atop a ridge above Mopan River, the Maya ruins of Xunantunich are quite a sight to see. The majority of these structures date from approximately two hundred to nine hundred BC. The place also consists of a series of 6 plazas which are surrounded by at least twenty six palaces and temples. However, what you’ll probably find even more incredible about Xunantunich is the El Castillo pyramid which is one hundred and thirty feet high and is the second tallest structure in the country, with the first one being the temple at Caracol.

Actun Tunichil Muknal

Actun Tunichil MuknalIf the name makes you wonder what this place is, well, it’s basically a cave that lies in the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve. Discovered in nineteen ninety two, this is a sacred site or the Mayans and is filled with hundreds of examples of stoneware, ceramics and pottery, but it also includes many sets of human sacrificial remains. Due to its impressive beauty and artifacts it contains, the cave was featured on the Journey through the Underworld production from National Geographic Explorer.

Belize Zoo

If you love animals and would like to learn more and see some of the fauna inhabiting Belize, then the Belize Zoo is the best place where you can do that. What you’ll probably find amazing is the fact that many of the animals here were actually kept as pets by various collectors. Once you arrive at the zoo, you’ll be able to get up close with the animals and see the way they behave in their natural habitat. Of course, this is also a great opportunity for you to take some great photos of these wild and exotic animals that you can then share with your friends.

Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole BelizeFor divers and people who love to swim in exotic waters, there’s no other better destination in Belize that they should than the Great Blue Hole. As a diver, you’ll be able to observe interesting limestone formations, while swimming in the fresh waters of this incredible natural landscape. The deeper you decide to dive though, the more incredible the scenery, as the range of strange limestone formations and stalactites becomes more intense and complex.

If you’re looking for an exotic and one of a kind vacation in a wonderful country that just begs to be explored, then there’s no better place to go on a vacation than Belize. Its incredible natural landscapes, amazing tourist attractions and exotic feel are enough to make every tourist want to come here again and again.

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