Top 5 Eye Catching Tourist Attractions in Decatur, Georgia

decatur georgiaDecatur has always been the small and quiet town that people who are looking for a peaceful, yet excellent vacation full of great places to see will want to visit. Its special small town air, friendly people, but also great architecture make it one of the top destinations for those who know how to appreciate the simpler things in life. However, that’s not to say that Decatur isn’t sophisticated, since it does have some incredible attractions tourists from all over the country will definitely appreciate.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

The FMNH is the place where history simply comes alive. Experience the incredible thrill of watching a movie in the IMAX theatre, explore ancient fossils, cultural treasures and marvel at the biggest dinosaurs ever to be discovered by paleontologists. On contrary to what many people may think, this place is not just another museum, but a wonderful journey to another place and time. With special and unique exhibitions, you’ll always have something new to discover at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

Decatur’s Square

decatur squareApproximately eight miles E. of Midtown Atlanta is one of the metro area’s best spots for window shopping, sidewalk strolling and dining. This place sends out an artistic, yet sophisticated vibe and is teeming with delectable cafes and coffeehouses, specialty shops and interesting local restaurants.

Decatur Historical Courthouse

Located in the center of the coffeehouses, pubs and shops of Decatur main square, the DHC easily stands out and commands attention. Also known as the Old Courthouse on the Square, this alluring building was built in eighteen ninety eight and is now home to the DeKalb History Center. If you want to visit it for its great appeal and sheer beauty, then make sure to bring your camera with you, since you won’t want to miss taking photos of it. Also, from time to time, concerts are held in the gazebo at the rear of the Old House, so if you’re a fan live music, then this place should certainly be on your list of top local attractions to visit.

Three Taverns Brewery and Tasting Room

If you’re the type who loves beer, then it’s a must that you visit the Three Taverns Brewery and Tasting Room. Once you arrive here, you’re going to be given a tour by Brian who is TTB’s founder. The place has a classy, cozy, but laid back atmosphere which makes it easy for you to enjoy one or more high class beers on your own or with your friends. Contrary to what some may believe there is no need to make reservations to come here and there’s also no wait or very little wait time for drink fills or entry. Just keep in mind that the TTB closes its doors every night at 8 PM, so if you want to come here be sure to come early.

Downtown Trolley Rides

The trolley rides circle the city every fifteen minutes starting at 7 AM on weekdays and at 8 AM on Saturday. Riding the trolleys is a unique experience and are a great choice for those who want to tour the city while sipping from a cool beverage or maybe reading a book.

With its unique atmosphere and fabulous places to visit, Decatur is the perfect location anyone who knows how to appreciate the slow pace of small towns and also good beer should certainly visit.

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