What to do In Los Angeles

Venice BeachL.A offers a wide range of incredible options for memorable experiences for both locals and visitors alike. Whether it’s attending an adrenaline pumping ball game or a quiet museum, there’s always something exciting going on in this beautiful and big city. If you’re here for the first time or have visited before, then visiting the following attractions is sure to make your stay here a lot more special.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is famous around the world not only because of the incredible activities that you can enjoy here, including jogging, rollerblading and cycling, but also because it’s the set where many box office movies have been shot. Probably the hottest place in Venice Beach is Muscle Beach where you can see people pumping iron even in the most scorching of summer days. Lining the walkway are also many eclectic shops that sell all sorts of original, handmade and eye-catching goods. However, if you’re traveling with your family, then you may find that the Santa Monica Beach is a much better place to be at.

Griffin Park and Observatory

Griffin Park

Downtown Los Angeles viewed from Griffin Park.

Covering an area of approximately 4200 acres and located in the E. part of the Santa Monica Mountains, Griffith Park is the biggest state park in the state. There are many incredible things you’ll be able to see in the park, including tennis courts and golf courses, a riding center which was specifically designed for the nineteen eighty four Olympic Games, but also a Greek theater with 4 thousand seats, a planetarium, the Griffith Observatory and the L.A. Zoo. Also, if you want to see some spectacular views, consider taking a drive or a walking trail into the mountains.

When it comes to the Griffith Observatory, it’s located just outside the L.A. city center on a hilltop and offers great viewing opportunities no matter if you visit at night or during the day. However, if you want to view the planets and the moon, then the Zeiss telescope is certainly going to be an experience you’ll never forget.

J Paul Getty Museum

Designed by Richard Meier, the J. Paul Getty Museum is massive given the fact it is set on one hundred and ten acres and measures point seventy five square miles. The museum is in the Santa Monica Mountains and its alluring grounds, special setting and distinctive design are worth the visit alone. There are many collections you’ll be able to admire here, ranging from Roman and Greek antiquities to contemporary art. The center is large enough to include a cafe, a restaurant and also a Central Garden.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

If you love contemporary art, then you should certainly visit the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. This place is made up of 3 distinct facilities and it contains works from the nineteen forties onwards. You can see many pieces from the permanent collection on display and the good news is that regularly changing exhibits feature emerging media and also incredible new works.


Last but not least, Hollywood is one of the most resounding names in the world and it’s a place filled with numerous attractions and popular sites. Since the name is associated with glamour, celebrities and the movie industry, you’ll certainly want to see the Chinese Theater, stroll down the Walk of Fame and cruise down the famous Hollywood Boulevard.

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