Experience The best of Aruba By Checking Out These Incredible Tourist Spots

ArubaLocated N. of Venezuela, the island of Aruba is very popular not only for its amazing wreck diving in the Caribbean, but also for its wind sculpted desert landscapes and fabulous blonde beaches. The weather here is great throughout the year and due to the island’s location, it’s out of reach of the majority of hurricanes. Because of that, if you’re someone who wants to chill and have fun in a beautiful sunny place, Aruba is a wonderful destination for water sports lovers and other outdoor attractions.

Quadiriki Cave

Located in the in the Arikok National Park, the Quadiriki Cave is one of the most interesting tourist attractions you can check out while in Aruba. In the first cave you’ll find there are many petroglyphs belonging to the Arawak tribe. Moving on to the second and third caves, they are both dark and moist and filled with stalagmites, stalactites and bat guano. Probably the most iconic part of your journey into the Quadiriki cave is the last of the 3 rooms which is partially illuminated right in the center by the hole in the ceiling.

Palm Beach and Eagle Beach

ArubaIn the N-W part of the Oranjestad city lies the popular Palm Beach. Many hotels have been built around this place, including a shopping center and many classy malls, so anyone who is looking to go on a shopping spree can certainly do that here.

On the other hand, Eagle Beach is located around Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad and it’s a very long white sandy beach that always makes it on many top beaches charts around the world. If you plan to have a relaxing day while sipping from your cocktail, then Eagle Beach is definitely the place to be, especially if you love snorkeling.

Arikok National Park

The ANP is an extraordinary place to spent your day enjoying the beautiful landscapes. Consisting of 7097 acres of land, the park is huge by any standards and is the home of a diverse flora and fauna, not to mention incredible landscapes that are going to leave you breathless. To include some of the fauna you’ll be able to see here, they are the cascabel, the santanero and the cododo to name a few. Keep in mind that there is an eleven dollar fee that adults need to pay, fee which goes towards the conservation of the park.

You can move throughout the park by car which makes seeing a great part of it very easy. In terms of activities, horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking are some of the ones most tourists who come here prefer. Expect to see more than dramatic backdrops and amazing views if you plan on visiting the Arikok National Park.

Alto Vista Chapel

Also known as the Pilgrim Church, the Alto Vista Chapel stands on the hills right above the beach N and N-E of the Noord City, approximately twenty seven miles N of Venezuela’s coast. What makes it special is the fact that not only is it an iconic landmark where you can find your inner piece, but its bright yellow color makes it easily stand out from up to a few miles away. The chapel was reconstructed in ’52 and it sits on the same place where Domingo Silvestre, a missionary who came to Venezuela in seventeen fifty, built the original chapel.

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