Visiting Buenos Aires

Buenos AiresElegant, but always bustling, Buenos Aires represents the very heart of Argentina. Even though this is the second largest city in south America, it has surprisingly managed to preserve its old tradition and each of its forty seven barrios feature their own unique character and are at the same time very fun to explore. If you want to spend one of the most interesting and “different” vacations of your life, then coming to Buenos Aires is very much recommended. The culture, the people and the many amazing places you’ll be able to visit here are forever going to be engraved in your mind and heart.

La Boca

La Boca was initially populated by Italian dock workers, but over time it has changed into this wonderful center of art with many colorful metal houses and great restaurants which are certainly a refreshing change from the rest of the town. The colors of the houses actually have a pretty interesting explanation: many years ago, due to the lack of same-color paint, people began to use different colors in order to fully paint their homes. The years went by and soon this became a tradition which, as a tourist, you’re certainly going to enjoy admiring.

Teatro Colon

Ever since it was opened in nineteen oh eight, the Opera House has seen millions of visitors. This is basically a very small museum located in the lobby and the good news is that it also offers guided tours in English. The tours go through the seating areas, the stage, the rehearsal rooms, but also the basement workshops. If you love listening to classical music and watching ballet and opera, then this place is certainly worth a visit.

La Recoleta Cemetery

If you want to visit the most unique place in the city, then this is it. It’s basically a city within a city featuring a wide range of massive monuments fashioned in lustruous bronze, dark granite and white marble and decorated with many statues of the Virgin Mary and stone angels. Here you’ll also be able to learn more about Argentina’s past, including Evita Peron, who usually attracts very large crowds. Overall, coming here is a great experience and it’s easy to lose yourself in the sense of great history and serene atmosphere this place boasts.

Puerto MaderoRosada Casa

Last but not least, Puerto Madero is a booming shopping and business district, yet by night, it turns into this cool neighbourhood with fashionable clubs and expensive restaurants. If you want to go further into the tree lined delta, then you can just take a ferry and on you’ll be off towards a great adventure into the night.

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