Top Places You Definitely Need To Visit When Vacationing in Panama

Ship going true Panama Canal

Ship going true Panama Canal

Panama is a very small country about the size of South Carolina, but despite its size, it knows how to pack a big punch. This small patch of land is actually the umbilical cord between Central and S. America and boasts a combined Pacific and Caribbean coastline of about eighteen hundred miles.

If you take a moment to think about it, it’s easy to realize this is definitely a lot of beckoning beach. And when you add the country’s lush interior that offers more than five million acres of beautiful and breathtaking national parks, you finally get a good idea of how wonderful this country really is.

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is by far one of the most amazing feats of engineering in the world and it has taken almost a century to be completed. You can check the canal from the water by considering a partial or maybe a full transit by boat of the fifty mile route from Colon to the city.

After you’ve taken a good look at it, you should head back to Miraflores and visit their museum there. The ticket is just eight dollars and grants you access to the museum’s 4 storey exhibitions, a short movie and an eye level view of the ships passing through the canal.

Bocas del Toro

Are you bored with the city life and are dying to get out and explore? Well, if that’s the case, then you could hop on to a plane and head over to Bocas del Toro island chain which is nestled into the far N. Caribbean coast of Panama. Here you’ll discover a tropical paradise with alabaster beaches and a cerulean sea that’s going to take your breath away.

Even though these islands have gotten a bit of press as they’ve been recently discovered, this is still a place that not many tourists know about, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for some peace and quiet in a great destination. Since the 6 main islands are packed with trees, you should plan at minimum of 1 day to hike to a deserted white sandy beach.

Chiriqui Province

Characterized by spectacular mountain scenery, crystal clear rivers, but also waterfalls and volcanic highlands, Chiriqui province is very well known for its natural beauty, but also its famous coffee plantations, banana plantations and thoroughbred horses. It’s a place that teaches the modern man to stop and appreciate the simplicity of life while also making its way into the mind of every tourist to channel its energy into their spirit.

View of turquoise Caribbean water on the Panama coast

View of turquoise Caribbean water on the Panama coast

Comarca de Guna Yala

Is Boca del Toro too developed for your taste? Well, if that’s the case, then you could try visiting Comarca de Guna Yala. This is basically a very long (one hundred and forty miles long to be exact) strip on the Caribbean that’s home to the San Blas Archipelago.

There are almost four hundred small islands here scattered in the sea like pearls and if you’re the type who loves solitude, crystal clear water and a blue sky, this is exactly where you’d want to be. Once you get here, you’ll have a great time snorkeling the reefs and tanning, but you can also shop for embroidered fabrics and hand stitched molas made by the locals.

Without a doubt Panama is an extraordinarily beautiful place that anyone looking to relax and have a good time should visit. With its unearthly beauty and breathtaking scenery, it’s certainly one of the most impressive destination in the world.

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