Top 3 Places You Need To Visit When Coming To Puerto Rico

City and cruise ship port of San Juan, Puerto Rico in the Caribbean

City and cruise ship port of San Juan, Puerto Rico in the Caribbean

Puerto Rico is considered a dream location for any tourist who is looking for adventure and out of this world sights for good reason: this breathtaking natural wonder can satisfy the big wave surfer, the sunrise rainforest explorer and the lethargic beach bum all in one weekend.

Its unique and beautiful green forests are home to some of the rarest and most exotic birds on the planet, its limestone caves hold untold secrets and resound with the chirp of wildlife, while its coral reefs host a wide range of beautifully colored tropical fish. In a few words, Puerto Rico is simply a paradise on earth.

Mysterious Old San Juan

Even if you just want to visit Puerto Rico for a few days, you’ll certainly be captured by Old San Juan’s beguiling spells. Grand fortresses, pastel painted colonial buildings and cobblestone streets make up for an experience that’ll transport you back in time. From the endless sparkle of the Atlantic to the labyrinth of crooked streets and the ramparts of El Morro, the enchantment of this place is evident wherever you look.

And while during the day you can lose yourself in the age old stories that linger in every building and street you see and walk on, by night you can enjoy the syncopated salsa rhythms and float along in crowds of happy tourists.

Camuy Caves

The Camuy Cave system is currently ranked as the third largest in the world and a tour inside the six hundred feet deep caves will take you on an adventure that encompasses naturally formed underground structures and also an underground river. If you’re the adventurous type though, you can take an eco excursion out here. You can do that by free jumping, body rafting or mudsliding through this amazing subterranean world.

Castillo de San Felipe del Morro

San Juan Puerto Rico landscapeFor over four centuries, El Morro is known to be the most recognizable landmark in Puerto Rico. In the past, it was used as a form of protection for San Juan and the shipping route from the New to the Old World. Nowadays, anyone who wants to visit this 6-level citadel will witness and feel how life was like from the fifteen hundreds to the twentieth century.

You’ll also be able to see and learn more about the way soldiers lived and worked in the colony to get a good idea of how life was back then. This is a truly one of a kind experience that no adventurer should ever miss.

El Yunque

The Anvil or El Yunque is 2h away from San Juan and it’s a mountainous and lush terrain that’s far removed from the city’s resorts and beaches. However, that is the main reason why people come here. They simply adore hiking along one of the many trails that range from difficult climbs to easy walks, walking among the abundant flora and also diving under the waterfall. All in all, this is a unique and breathtaking part of Puerto Rico that, despite the many centuries that passed, has still remained the same.

Puerto Rico is an amazing exotic location that has everything you need in order to have a wonderful time here regardless if you’re a beach bum, the adventurous type or someone who just wants to ride big waves. Just make sure to book your vacation on time and prepare to have the time of your life when you finally arrive here!

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