A Short List Of The Most Amazing Attractions To Visit In The Walt Disney World

walt disney worldWhether this is the first time you’re visiting Walt Disney World or you’ve been here before, there’s a good chance there are still many attractions you didn’t yet get to see. The great thing about Walt Disney World though is that there’s no wrong time of year to visit it, yet if you really want to have an incredible time here and not worry about the weather, then you should come visit in spring. There are literally thousands of ways you could have fun here, but since we don’t have enough room to talk about all of them, we’re going to focus on some of the most interesting ones below.

Sammy Duvall’s Water Sports Center

If you’re the type who loves water sports, then there’s no better place for you to visit than Sammy Duvall’s Water Sports Center. You can easily find it at the Contemporary Resort and once you get there, you have the option to choose from a wide range of sports, including inner tubing, stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding, but also parasailing and water skiing. Keep in mind that if this is the first time you come here, you need to be at least 18 years old to rent, sixteen to drive and any age to just ride along. Oh, for the parasailing the age minimum is six.


Let’s face it: diving is a whole new experience for a lot of people, but when you know you’re about to dive in a give point seven million gallon saltwater tank, there’s no denying you’ll feel extremely excited about it. Keep in mind that if you want to dive here you’ll need to be scuba certified and if you are, then you can experience firsthand how it feels to be swimming with over six thousand sea creatures, including sharks, eagle rays, dolphins, angelfish and also sea turtles.

The minimum age for DiveQuest is ten and guests aged between ten to twelve years need to be accompanied by a paying participating guardian or parent. How long will the entire experience last? Well, about three hours, while the guests will only spend forty minutes underwater in the enormous Caribbean Coral Reef aquarium. In fact, this aquarium is so big, that until 2005 it was the largest aquarium of its kind in the world.

Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade

walt disney world 2Every child loves Mickey Mouse, so how about you take them to see Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade? This paradise can be seen at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the good news is that during the holidays, it takes to the streets on a daily basis. The parade features larger than life puppetry, whimsical floats and also many popular characters from the Disney universe dancing to holiday world beat music. If you love a good party and some great funky music, this is definitely the place to be at when visiting Walt Disney World.

Explore Fort Wilderness

If this is not the first time you’ve visited Walt Disney World and you’re in fact an old customer, then you’ll probably be a bit nostalgic when visiting Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. That’s because this is of Disney’s original resorts and it’s certainly one of the largest ones. Since here you’ll be able to see some amazingly authentic and beautiful log cabin style buildings and similar architecture, coming here feels like stepping back into pioneer times.

Many people who come here easily get lost in the beauty of this expansive place and they spend hours walking around the place, exploring all its beaches and outposts through its many and sometimes hidden walking paths. You can choose to visit Bay Lake if you want to have a romantic or relaxing evening, but you can also head over to the Tri Circle D Ranch which is basically a working horse stable. This is where you can see the horses they use in Magic Kingdom park transportation and entertainment.

Keep in mind that while exploring and visiting the resort is free of charge, there are opportunities to rent kayaks, canoes, pontoon boats, bikes and also horseback rides. Better yet, there are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals as well, so no matter how picky you are about food, you’re certainly going to enjoy what they have on the menu here!


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