10 Must See Places in North America

There are thousands of amazing places to see all around the world, but the reality is that there’s no other place like home. In the end, why go to the other side of the world and spend exorbitant amounts of money when you can take in some of the world’s most stunning views right on the American soil?

From magical canyons to breathtaking trails, rivers and lakes, the North American continent can still surprise you like never before. Here are 10 of the most breathtaking places to visit in USA, Canada and Mexico this year

 1.Watkins Glen State Park, USA

Needless to say, this place is a total beauty. New York’s Watkins Glen State Park is open all-year round for people living in the East who want to enjoy this amazing natural setting without having to head west. This park includes over 20 different trails with tens of waterfalls, unique rock formations and tons of quiet pools.

2. Walt Disney Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL

This place is the best representation of the American dream, one of a land comprising many nations, many cultures and a rich cultural inheritance, where people are free to express themselves and live each day at its fullest. The Magic Kingdom is definitely the place to visit with your family in 2015.

3. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Not only that this place is stunning in terms of view, but it is a shrine to the American democracy. The sculpture representing the four biggest names in the American history will go in time as the largest work of art on Earth, both physically and emotionally.

4. Rio Pescados, Mexico

If you are an avid fan of white water rafting, this is definitely the place to visit in 2015. While you can find plenty of rafting-ready canyons in the USA and Canada, Mexico offers a unique experience. Rio Pescados offers one of the best whitewater rafting experience in North America.

5. Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, México

This is one of the largest caves in the world. Venturing one mile deep into the earth and discovering the amazingly beautiful stalactite-lined galleries that are hundreds of feet wide could prove to be one of the most exciting experience you’ll have this year.

6. Avalanche Lake, USA

After a refreshing 2-hour long hike among the valleys and peaks of the well-famed Glacier National Park in Montana, you will arrive at Avalanche Lake, an incredibly clear lake that has lived for centuries surrounded by cascading waterfalls and snowy mountains. What better place for a mid-summer swim?

7. Sandbanks Provincial Park, Canada

Placed on the incredibly scenic coast of the Ontario Lake, this park brings some of Florida’s beauty right into the heart of Canada. The calm waters perfectly complement the sandy beaches, enabling surfers to enjoy a calm surfing experience. This is also the place where travelers can enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets in North America.

8. Upper Antelope Canyon, USA

If you are a passionate photographer, this is the place you need to come this year. Featuring some of the most unique rock formations in North America, this place offers some exquisite views. The panorama is complemented by plenty of sand dunes. This is the haven of every serious photographer in the world.

9. Crowsnest Pass, Canada

Featuring countless rivers, lakes, trails and hills, Crowsnest Pass is by far one of the most beautiful places to explore along Canada’s Continental Divide. If you love hiking or you simply want to explore a part of Canada which is not so known among tourists, here are some pictures to help you decide if Crowsnest Pass is the right place to go this fall.

10. Custer State Park, USA

This beautifully wide park has a natural bounty which rivals with any other national park in the West. If you choose to visit this location, get ready to encounter herds of bisons and antelopes roaming the golden prairies. This park is one of the top 5 top rated attractions in South Dakota.

The Bottom Line

These are 10 of the top attractions in North America. Of course, you can choose to visit another location. Whatever your plans are, remember to make the most out of your trip and enjoy your trip this year in North America.

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